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Did you know that luck is transferrable? It is also contageous. Some of the best entrepreneurs and minds are where they are in life, not because of fate. Rather, luck has manifested change in their lives, through a set of habits they have learned. Anyone can learn and apply these habits... to become the champion of their/your life!

We are all public speakers. We should develop this in conjunction with our confidence. The secret formula to any sort of confidence is show up big, own your personal environment. Trust in your own passion and enthusiasm and that is your confidence.

Enthusiasm, acting big, being authentic, and being confiding, is how you be confident. How do you become brave enough for this? It's really very simple. Know that the more you confide, the more confident you automatically are. Know also that you step into the energy you give out. Do you want to give out poor energy or championship energy. Your intention controls your output! Finally, be aware that fear programming over past hurts controls your output. Overcome this by realising it, and step into the new you. We can show you how and help you along this path!

1. Seminar

Our Seminar is an introduction to what we offer as well as an educational. We want to give you maximum value for your time.

2. Workshop

Our workshop can take you to a whole new level, a permanent plateau of success which will carry you through the rest of your life.

3. Confidence and Life Coaching

Everyone is unique and at a different level. With one-on-one consultations, we can formulate a plan to take you where you need to be, fast!

Choose a Path

1) Join a Free Seminar!

After you leave the free seminar, you will walk out into the world with full confidence, aware of your unique potential!

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2) Join a Workshop Course!

In this we re-iterate the lessons of the seminar. We will now develop your confidence to its full potential and introduce a series of lucky habits to now apply to take you to the next level.

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3) One on One

The workshop course includes coaching and evaluation from your peers (and Charles.) Everyone is insecure about a certain unique area. We find your solution!

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Workshop Testimonials

Further Testimonials

"Charles' workshop was energising from the get-go. He has a natural humour and passion that draws you in. He is also a history buff and I was enthralled by the stories of times past where intuition and confidence have led to amazing feats. I generally don't like workshops that go for more than a couple of hours but this one had me engaged all the way through. It was highly activities based and as a result I got lots of time to reflect on myself and connect with others on topics I care about and don't get to explore day to day. I'd highly recommend Charles' workshops to anyone wanting to feel energised doing a mix of light hearted and deeper work. Thanks for the wonderful experience Charles!"" Sasha

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The Fear Program and How to Overcome it!

As part of our local toastmaster club's fundraising drive, I was chosen as a course facilitator of a recent speechcraft course. It was an intensive four week course. I had to get out front and run the course while inspiring people in our workshop to give it everything they had. What we did was to set the standard. We gave them goals to step into and assured them they would be confident and powerful people after only four weeks. I nearly didn't beleive it myself but the results spoke for themselves as we watched people go from insecure to pro-level speaking power in such a short time, as if a mind-switch had been activated!

We are all running an insecurity on some level of our lives. We are all running. what I call the 'fear program' . This is automtically generated after we get hurt as a way of feeling better, but ain't it sad that this can shape and control the rest of our lives! In fact, every human should undergo regular training in order to overcome fear programming and replace it. Replace it with power programming!

We talk about how to overcome this fear programming with a very simple technique in our free seminars! We want the free seminar to provide maxiumum value to you, so we infuse it with some of our best techniques. This means that when you walk out the door, you will automatically be more confident than when you walked in! We are going to teach you how to replace the fear program with the power 'software' program!

We suggest you might like to try the weekend workshop, in which we continue the journey, to add luck to your repertoir, teaching you habits to make your life 'lucky'. Finally we offer personal coaching. Personal coaching is included in the workshop but we take this further with our personal coaching program. Everyone is unique and often everyone needs a different unique solution which will work for them.

We aren't interested in providing poor value, only brilliant value. Our aim is that after each session, YOU will walk out a new person!


How important is confidence, for being lucky?

One of the things we teach, in terms of lucky habits, is that one must aquire the habits of zest, interest, inquisitiveness, and connection, in order to form a pattern which results in what people describe as 'good luck.' A foundation linking these habits together is simply 'confidence'. But what is this confidence anyway? No-one knows what it means, so I found out for myself! Once we know what it is, we can give it to people!

Everyone knows that you need 'confidence' to 'succeed', yet no-one has the same definition for either term! In the modern world, we define confidence as an expectation of success. You see they go together. In other words, confidence is positive thinking. Applied to behaviour, it is positive thinking in terms of one's demeanour to another. One acts as if one always gets what one wants. That's a confident person. But that's ONE type of confident person, because it's also an arrogant person (which is not always bad!) Confused? Let me explain!

Confidence in a more original term, is actually simply confiding. The term is Latin. Imagine a group of Romans in a conspiracy. 'Con-Spirare = Breathing/Whispering together.' If one of them suddenly declares his intention to 'bump off caesar', elucidating the full plan and everyone's role, they are together, 'cum-fido.' This means 'trusting together.' In other words, the man with the plan is confiding, or confident. The men around him are his 'confidants'.

If you are able to confide and not be shy about it, you are confident. Easy! The Ancient Romans would say you are a confident person! Fundumentally, THAT is confidence. Arrogance itself after all, as previously discussed, can also simply be taken as insecurity, so it is not being confident alone. CONFIDING, is being confident.

Suddenly, when you are able to condide anything with anyone (don't spill too many beans!), you can network far far far, more effectively! Your life is transformed and we can NOW apply this to the other habits of ZEST, INTEREST, INQUISITIVENESS, and other habits. Suddenly that person is transformed.

Suddenly they are a person who starts experiencing weird luck on a regular basis!

Now bring intuition into play and the transformation acellerates. The person becomes able to react with sound instinct to any situation! If their intuition tells them to approach someone about a proposal, they can do so easily as they have a set of axoims in their head defining the way reality really is. We will give you what you need to know in our Seminars, more in our Workshops, and if you definitely don't have it by the time you try out life coaching (skype/facebook call), then we're not doing something right, because we seek to give everyone an individual solution that will definitely work for them!

Once you start to see the way life really is, everything changes. You behaviour changes. Your physiology changes. You change.


Improvement is incremental... or sudden!

Cast your mind back to university. You needed to get certain grades to get to the next level. In my own experience I needed to first get into the Honours program and then into a PhD program. Not easy! While trying to get into honours, I noticed the energy of a tutor who was completing his PhD. I noted his 'vibe'. I noticed the way he carried himself, the case he carried, a battered old type of medical bag. I decided that all I needed to do to pass into Honours was act as if I was a PhD student, already perhaps in possession of a Phd. I began to 'become that man' in my mannerisms and thoughts. I adopted his energy. I spoke like him. I became him. My intuition told me this was the way to succeed and get through. I asked infinite intelligence (we teach this in our workshop) and was told this was the way to success.

Since I had awarded myself a mental PhD, in my mind, suddenly all the assignments and essays I had to write became easy. I wrote them as if I was already a professor! My grades, remarkably went up! I went on to actually get that Phd! My energy had changed, and I had adopted the attributes of a Phd, without even being one!

There is an ancient Egyptian self-help text called the Hermetic Texts. I don't really encourage anyone to read them as they are pretty vague, and not all of them seem to be by the same author. Reading them however, really opened my eyes. Some of the texts seem 'original'. Other texts seem to have been inserted by early Christians. Scholars hold that all the texts are in fact not Ancient Egyptian and written by Romans in Egypt.

But if that was true, we would know who the author, Hermes Trismegistus is, and we don't. He lived in a far distant age, using his wisdom to become King of Egypt, one of the earliest of kings. Make no mistake, the text is thousands perhaps tens of thousands of years old.

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul"

“Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness. Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration, up to the very Circle of Eternity.”

The above are quotes from Hermes Trismegistus, found in the Hermetica. The 'gist' of the whole book is that there is a universe in your mind, and it is one with the universe above. Ideas flow between the universe and your mind, to form one task. Once the interface is complete, you are an avatar for the universe to enact tasks.

In particular, listen to this!
“If then you do not make yourself equal to THE ALL, you cannot apprehend THE ALL; for like is known by like.
But if you shut up your soul in your body, and abase yourself, and say “I know nothing, I can do nothing; I am afraid of earth and sea, I cannot mount to heaven; I know not what I was, nor what I shall be,” then what have you to do with THE ALL?”

With the phrase, 'The All', Hermes refers to 'Universe' or 'god' (the Egyptians had thousands) or even 'Universal Mind.' This writing, taught by Hermes thousands of years ago, was repeated by Napolean Hill in the 20th century...

The key, as seen in Think and Grow Rich, and other texts, the 'secret' is that the mind is a radio transmitter of ideas. Dispel any negative thoughts in order to be one with the universe, recognising what is going on. You will then attract the ideas needed to accomplish any task, using the whole universe as an ally! In addition, by recognising your link to the universe, you are able to adopt any energy, become any person. (Don't worry, we will show you how!)

As previously mentioned, there is an insecurity software programming running in everyone's heads to shut down this flow of ideas and potential. It's run because the brain wants to stop people becoming hurt. But it always overcompensates! Always! Recognise this for what it is!

We suggest you might like to try the weekend workshop, in which we continue the journey, to add luck to your repertoir, teaching you habits to make your life 'lucky'. Finally we offer additional personal coaching, if required. Personal coaching is included in the workshop but we take this further with our personal coaching program. Everyone is unique and often everyone needs a different unique solution which will work for them.

We aren't interested in providing poor value, or intermediate value, only brilliant value. As I said before, our aim is that after each session, YOU will walk out a new person!


Napoleon Hill's 'Secret' is obscure but discernable

The Secret may not be what you think it is. Since Napoleon Hill wanted people to 'get it for themselves' in his great work, Think and Grow Rich, it would seem that he must have put more than one interpretation of the The Secret in there! Different ideas would surely appeal to different minds!

The traditional version of the Secret is given by wikipedia, as occurring on page 20, as: "A "secret" of achievement was discussed in Think and Grow Rich, but Hill insisted readers would benefit most if they discovered it for themselves. Although he did not explicitly identify this secret in the book, he offered, 20 pages into the book: "If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to be so determined to have it that you convince yourself that you will have it... You may as well know, right here, that you can never have riches in great quantities unless you work yourself into a white heat of desire for money, and actually believe you will possess it." However that is just one version.

I've also seen it listed as 'turn it into something good'.
In this video I present it as something else...

1) Negative thoughts kill ideas and your potential to advance quickly.
2) The mind is a radio transmitter, picking up ideas and direction in their most fundamental form from the universe.
3) Therefore, it would seem that if you harbour negative ideas you will never be able to pick up or even act on ideas coming from the universe which are flooding your mind.
4) Once you realise they are flooding your mind this is an incentive to stop all negativity and to go 'full polarity'. Simply switch on and accept all positive thoughts (the universe) and switch off all negative thoughts (programming). Easy! I got the radio transmitter idea from Eric Von Daaniken's Miracles of the Gods as well as Bob Proctor's You were Born Rich, both books describe the mind as a radio transmitter. Bob Proctor in particular is an expert on Think and Grow Rich and I feel has distilled its essence!


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