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the next level...

1) In the Free Seminar, or sometimes Free Webinar, we are going to take you to the next level. We change your energy, taking you to a new place, and paradigm, adjusting your physiology and behaviour. As well as providing this value, we also introduce what we have to offer.

2) In our paid workshops, we take what you have learned, and now accelerate you to the next level again. This is a more intensive program than the seminar. In addition to securing your confidence, in a practical and safe environment, we now instill habits for manifesting good luck and get into intuition, making you an intuitive, lucky, confident, MACHINE, in your life and business! We are confident that our proprietary technologies will take you to the next level.

3) One on one! This can be online or in person (Melbourne!) In the workshops, we re-scripted your core axioms and programming. We all "act" according to axioms and key principles we think are true. In fact, "nothing is true". "Truths" are just programming. Whenever a new situation presents itself, we recall old axioms and programming, and think this is "us" and "who we are". No. It is programming! Everyone needs their own specific re-programming for maximum value, hence "one on one!"

1. Seminar

Our Seminar is an introduction to what we offer as well as an educational. We want to give you maximum value for your time.

2. Workshop

Our workshop can take you to a whole new level, a permanent plateau of success which will carry you through the rest of your life.

3. Confidence and Life Coaching

Everyone is unique and at a different level. With one-on-one consultations, we can formulate a plan to take you where you need to be, fast!

Choose a Path

1) Join a Free Seminar!

After you leave the free seminar, you will walk out into the world with full confidence, aware of your unique potential!

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2) Join a Workshop Course!

In this we re-iterate the lessons of the seminar. We will now develop your confidence to its full potential and introduce a series of lucky habits to now apply to take you to the next level.

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3) One on One

The workshop course includes coaching and evaluation from your peers (and Charles.) Everyone is insecure about a certain unique area. We find your solution!

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Corporate Workshops

We run corporate workshops in:
* Eliminating fear of Public Speaking and Gaining Confidence.
* Increase your Confidence, Luck and Intuitive Power.
* Supercharge your Business Results!
Please contact us for details.


"Charles' workshop was energising from the get-go. He has a natural humour and passion that draws you in. He is also a history buff and I was enthralled by the stories of times past where intuition and confidence have led to amazing feats. I generally don't like workshops that go for more than a couple of hours but this one had me engaged all the way through. It was highly activities based and as a result I got lots of time to reflect on myself and connect with others on topics I care about and don't get to explore day to day. I'd highly recommend Charles' workshops to anyone wanting to feel energised doing a mix of light hearted and deeper work. Thanks for the wonderful experience Charles!""

"I would like to check out Charles Kos again. He is a great speaker and his talks are good! I attended a month or so ago and would love to go again!""

Public Workshops and Seminars: Luck and Confidence--The First Level

Free Seminar/Webinar

This intro to our services might be free, but it sure packs a lot of value! We introduce you to where you need to be to become lucky, how to get there, and give the preliminaries. We MAKE you confident. This is needed for any luck to take place. You WILL walk out of the experience more confident and happier than when you walked in!


The Next Level!


Every person should undergo regular training in order to overcome fear programming and replace it. Replace it with power programming! This workshop is really 'champion training'. It is 'intuition/luck/re-programming which removes all obstacles'. In fact, all of, luck, success, confidence, are all just habits and vibration!

We talk about how to overcome this fear programming with a very simple technique in our free seminars! We want the free seminar to provide maxiumum value to you, so we infuse it with some of our best techniques. This means that when you walk out the door, you will automatically be more confident than when you walked in! We are going to teach you how to replace the fear program with the power 'software' program!

We suggest you might like to try the weekend workshop, in which we continue the journey, to add luck to your repertoir, teaching you habits to make your life 'lucky'. Finally we offer personal coaching. Personal coaching is included in the workshop but we take this further with our personal coaching program. Everyone is unique and often everyone needs a different unique solution which will work for them.



'Ten, "New Habits" for achieveing Supreme Confidence and Intuitive Power (Free)' 6 Oct/18, 10am, Ross House, Room 1.1, Melbourne! RSVP Here!



"Turbocharge your Luck, Intuition and Confidence!"

A FOUR HOUR Workshop/Seminar! on 5th May/2018


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